Regional Teams

What do your Regional Teams do? How does information flow between your local group and the Hive? What do the regional circles do exactly? How can you have a say?

Your regional teams:

  • Represent your voice in national XR UK
  • They bring information about what's happening nationally back to your region
  • They coordinate actions, media and messaging, training, regen, strategy, tech, finance and more throughout your region.
  • Your local group can feed directly into the regional teams through local coordinator reps
  • As an individual you can feed directly into the regional teams using the monthly Rebel's Assembly.

The regional teams are made up of rebels from across the region from a variety of local groups. Some come from areas without a local group, so getting involved regionally was a great way for them to get involved with XR. 

Everyone is welcome to join the regional teams. If you might like to join but aren’t sure what you would like to do, we can help you find a role that fits your time and interest — just email if you’re interested!